About us

" Justice is the firm and continuous desire to give everyone what belongs to him under the law. "



We are an agency that advises both private clients as well as larger companies. The focus of our concern is the satisfaction of our clients, to which we contribute our reliable and professional work.

Our law firm provides legal services to domestic and foreign clients in Slovak, English, German and Polish.

Law Firm is ready to provide our clients with legal assistance in all areas of law, especially civil law, commercial and real estate law.

Law Firm also offers our clients legal assistance in criminal matters, where the full use of their quality and professional knowledge as well as experience in the field of law.

Among other things JUDr. JCLic. Tomáš Majerčák, PhD. operates since 2009 as a lecturer at the Department of Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, suggesting its expertise in solving legal problems in the field of constitutional and administrative law, representing clients in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic and the preparation of legal analyzes in the area of ​​constitutional law.