Commercial law: 

In the commercial field, we provide our clients with legal services, which includes, in particular, establishing all kinds of companies, the change in the internal situation, a merger, division, dissolution or winding up of the company provide clients with representation in dealings with public authorities and vyhotovavanie all necessary materials and documents. 

In addition to these activities, we provide our clients with representation in court proceedings, preparation of legal analyzes of all types of commercial contracts and recovery. 

Civil law: 

In the area of ​​civil law focuses mainly on the assessment of the development contracts (purchase, donation and other civil contracts), representation in court proceedings. 

Area which is under civil law devote the non-pecuniary damages and representation of clients in this area. 

In the field of inheritance law provides legal advice in this area and representing clients in succession. 

Family Law: 

In the area of ​​family law, inter alia, provide service related to the provision of legal advice and representation for divorce in divorce proceedings, representation in the adoption proceedings, providing legal advice and representation of clients to assert rights relating to maintenance obligations. 

Land Law: 

In the field of land law provide clients with preparation of legal analyzes the ownership of real estate consultancy in vyporiadavaní real estate and representation in disputes pozemkovoprávnych. 

Criminal law: 

In the area of ​​criminal law provide representation to clients in transactions pretrial as well as representing clients at the trial. 

Constitutional Law: 

Representation of clients in proceedings before the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic, individual complaints in case of breach of fundamental rights and freedoms or human rights and fundamental freedoms, complaints of self-government against unconstitutional or unlawful decision or other unconstitutional or unlawful interference in the affairs of local governments.